The multi-generational game for players ages 10 to 120


Think playing Categories just means listing first names, professions, countries or cities? Think again !

CRACK LIST gives the all-time childhood favorite a new spin by turning it into an exciting card game to play with family or friends.

CRACK LIST rolls Categories and Uno into one fast-paced game that everyone’s sure to love, from those with a passion for cards to those who love word games and quizzes.

Expect challenges, displays of knowledge, a sprinkling of strategy and above all, lots of laughs !

CRACK LIST guarantees all the fun and enjoyment you get from playing a board game.

Example of the Crack List card game lists

Get rid of all your cards faster than the other players.

The rules are easy : a category is chosen, and each player starts the game with 8 cards in their hand. Each card has a letter, and your answer must start with the letter on your card.

There are hundreds of unique, controversial and poetic category lists to crack in order to win the CRACK LIST crow 👑

The game is accessible to all, meaning everyone has the chance to find answers and walk away a winner.

It also gives you the chance to lay traps for your friends by handing them your trickiest letters. But be careful, they might just end up cracking your favorite category !

The first player to get rid of all their cards wins. It’s as easy as that ! Well, almost... An ACTION card could be played at any time, turning the whole game on its head !

Example of a game using cards from the Crack List board game


Penalties, just like in Uno!
If you love challenges and low blows, CRACK LIST will be right up your alley! There are various penalty and action cards you can play, including STOP, REVERSE and SWAP, so absolutely anything goes when it comes to getting your opponents to crack!

There’s nothing quite like a quick game of CRACK LIST to help everyone relax after a hard day in the office, while sipping aperitifs or even after a heated dinner time debate.

The must-play card game that’s always a winner. For 2 to 8 players, it's the perfect card game to play as a small group or with a crowd when spending the evening with friends, at big family get-togethers or during post-work drinks with coworkers.

Lots of laughs guaranteed 😂

Deux personnes avec des lunettes de soleil qui jouent au jeu de cartes Crack List

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