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Presentation of the Crack List categories game box
Crack List board game box with action cards and lists
Several friends playing the Crack List card game
Three women playing the card game Crack List with their family
Two packs of Crack List board game cards in red and blue

The contents of the box

2 packs of 80 cards

The game the blue packet and the red packet with more than 230 lists of all kinds

The game rulebook

To have all the cards in hand to become the king of Crack List

How do we play ?

Setting up the game:

The youngest player chooses a list of a card from the RED deck.

The designated dealer distributes 8 cards per player from the BLUE deck and forms the draw pile.

Each player has 20 seconds to play one of their LETTER or ACTION cards.

The one who gets rid of all his cards wins the round.

Always keep your child's soul...

We all armed ourselves with a sheet of paper and a pencil to embark on fiery games of the small baccalaureate .

Crack List takes the essence of this essential game, this madeleine, in an original and friendly card game full of special cards and twists!

Several friends playing the Crack List card game with the list of words ending in "ick"
Created by the Falcon Family

The father & the daughter

Pierre, the father, is the inventor of board games in the family.

Charlotte, girl number 2, decided to leave everything to join him and launch Crack List so that this game can reach all French houses!